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Note: The technology sector jobs data in this dashboard are sourced from Emsi, representing estimates of the trailing four quarters for the given reporting period. Emsi's model uses the most recent four quarters of BLS data to produce these estimations, allowing us to publish data approximately six months in advance of official BLS releases. 


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Total Industry Wages


Growth in total wages over past year

Behind the Numbers: AZ Tech Careers

There are tech jobs in AZ available for every career level and there are many different pathways into the industry, from a 4-year college degree or advanced degree, to a certificate from a training provider, to apprenticeships.

Trailblazing Women in Tech: Alexi Venneri, Heather Monthie and Ivonne May

This episode of AZTechCast looks at the incredible women revolutionizing our lives, Arizona and the world, through technology. A distinguished panel of tech leaders – Alexi Venneri, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike; Heather Monthie, Principal Cybersecurity Architect at Honeywell Aerospace; and Ivonne May, Director at Raytheon Technologies – discuss their experiences in the tech industry, share lessons learned on how they got to where they are today, give advice on some of the issues to look out for, and discuss the women who have inspired them.

Mistake, Rinse, Don’t Repeat: 10 Lessons from AZ Tech Council CEO Steven G. Zylstra

Good business advice can go a long way, whether you’re a tech startup, an established tech giant or somewhere in between. When you are starting your own business, there is no shortage of advice and opinions flowing your way. Without a doubt, good business advice can save your small company, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In this recent podcast, Arizona Technology Council CEO Steven G. Zylstra reminds us “Yes, Dad really was right,” why there’s “No need to go it alone” and eight other valuable lessons he has learned over 50 years.

Spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion

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Spotlight on Economic Impact

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Tech Industry Job Multiplier (direct, indirect, induced)

For every...
 jobs added in the tech industry, 376 new jobs are created in other industries.

Spotlight on Tech Jobs in AZ versus Other States

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YoY Growth

Behind the Numbers: AZ Tech Companies

Aligned’s Big Green Funding: $1.75 Billion in Sustainable Loans

Sustainable finance is part of a greener bottom line for the data center industry, as leading players align their capital with their focus on sustainability. AZ Tech Council member Aligned has taken a big step into that future, arranging $1.75 billion in sustainable financing to expand its digital infrastructure business. Aligned CEO Andrew Schaap explained, "We believe that sustainability isn’t a passing trend; it’s a competitive advantage to modern data center operation and a key pillar of our customers’ success."

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AZ MedTech Innovators to Watch

When it comes to medical technology, Arizona has turned into a breeding ground of innovative products and services. Here are some samples of the MedTech that can trace their roots to cities here as they help make the world a healthier place. (This list includes just five; click the read more link below to see all 11.)

Gilbert-based AINovo Biotech synthesizes and extracts insights from the world’s largest and most diverse biological datasets.

Scottsdale-based GlobalMed powers the world’s largest, most advanced virtual health programs by designing and manufacturing integrated software and hardware telemedicine solutions that support a patient at any point in the continuum of care.

Tucson-based Intuor Technologies is developer of its FDA-cleared flagship product, CATS Tonometer PrismTM, which has the potential to greatly enhance clinical care through a reduction in errors related to intraocular eye pressure (IOP) measurements.

Gilbert-based KNOSIS Health offers a health care platform that offers users a unique engagement experience to reduce health related costs through games, challenges and incentives.

Tucson company Souvie Biodelivery employs nanotechnology to engineer, patent and market novel drug delivery platforms to drug delivery niche markets.

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Spotlight on Supply Chain

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of Arizona's population has at least a high school diploma


of Arizona's population has at least a Bachelor's degree

Cultivating Arizona’s Tech-Talent Future

Although the IT and cybersecurity industry is the fastest-growing sector in Arizona, there are currently more than 7,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in our state alone. Many of Arizona’s IT and cyber companies are faced with a huge talent gap. For Arizona to fulfill its destiny as a world-class tech hub, it will need to prioritize an outcome-driven approach to meet industry and employer needs in IT and cybersecurity.

A distinguished panel of tech leaders – Katherine Pappas, Director of Workforce Strategy at Pipeline AZ; David Bolman, Provost at University of Advancing Technology; and Frank Grimmelmann, President & CEO of AZ Cyber Threat Response Alliance – joined us for an engaging discussion on scalable solutions and comprehensive resources to address Arizona’s tech-talent shortage.

The Role and Impact of Tech Parks Arizona: A Conversation with Carol Stewart

In this edition of the Tech Focus Member Spotlight, Carol Stewart, Associate Vice President for Tech Parks Arizona at the University of Arizona, discusses the role and impact of the Tech Parks and recent progress made at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) and The Bridges. In her role, Stewart leads the Tech Parks economic development initiatives focused and aligned with the specializations at the University.


Venture Capital invested in 2020


Change in VC funding from 2019
VC Investment Amounts

Behind the Numbers: Tech Investment in AZ

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Happy Birthday to the ACA: 10 Years of Growth Re-imagined

As the Arizona Commerce Authority celebrates its tenth year, three members of the ACA’s leadership team discuss how the agency has evolved, the monumental success it has achieved to improve the state for business and innovation, and the future of economic development in Arizona. With ACA’s Andy Lombard, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Venture Development; Jena Coolidge McGovern, SVP of Marketing and Communications; and Brian Sherman, Chief Innovation Officer.

Making a Strong, Unique Valley Tech Community

"There has always been a significant amount of tech here in Greater Phoenix – semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, software, IT and medical. Thriving, but only rarely connected." Writing in the Phoenix Business Journal, AZ Tech Council Board Chair Eric Miller, Principal and Co-owner of PADT Inc., explains how a "recent shift towards concentration and collaboration" is an opportunity to "bring life-improving technology to the world."

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Patents Awarded
R&D as a Percentage of GDP
State Comparison

Spotlight on Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Awards

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Check out training opportunities and spotlights of past winners at the Arizona Commerce Authority's SBIR/STTR Resource Center

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