eImpact Report

One of the biggest and consistent struggles we hear from our members is talent attraction. Despite the Phoenix Valley having a robust population of millennials, there is still a significant shortage of mid-to-high-level technical talent, with many of these positions requiring extensive education.

The Arizona Technology Council is constantly working to improve workforce development and education in Arizona. Our Workforce Development + Education Committee, in collaboration with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, recently spearheaded an economic development initiative focused on business retention and expansion. The AZ Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative is made up of industry professionals, educators, and training partners working to address talent shortages of security analysts at the junior, mid, and senior levels. The group has created a website promoting cybersecurity careers in Arizona, AZCyberTalent.com.

The Council also supports the enabling of Arizona K-12 students to gain coding and programming skills in the classroom, and became a founding partner in CSforAZ (Computer Science for Arizona), a statewide initiative bringing together a coalition focused on accelerating CS education and teacher development in Arizona K-12 schools.